Padel Etiquette

As well as the written rules of padel, we encourage good padel etiquette which will help every one enjoy the game. Sportsmanship, consideration and politeness are the essence of the sport and we respectively ask all players to be considerate of their partner and their opponents.


  • Appropriate attire on the court; sportswear and court or athletic shoes. No cleats.
  • Gents; No vest tops. Shirts should always be worn.


  • Padel is a social game frequently played as mixed couples. Please be respectful of your partner and opponents; no aggressive play or intimidation.
  • Please be respectful of the neighborhood. Please keep noise to a minimum.
  • Foul, or inappropriate language or behavior, will not be tolerated.
  • Talk quietly and be mindful of matches in play on other courts.


  • Please respect your partner and fellow players and be punctual for the start of your match and advise reception in advance if you believe you will be late.
  • No-shows may incur a penalty fine, including suspension of membership for frequent violators.


  • No food or drink on court, except for water.
  • Do not walk behind a court during an active point.
  • Do not disturb people on court during play.
  • Before starting play, ensure all equipment not in use is clear of the court.
  • Do not criticize your partner or opponent. Be positive and offer encouragement.
  • Line calls can be hard to see, so only call the lines on your side of the court ensuring your opponent can hear. Always respect the line calls of your opponent as they are nearer than you. If you have disagreement, offer a ‘Let’ which means you replay the point.

Padel’s primary purpose is enjoyment. It’s nice to win but no one wins every time, so always remain positive, happy and offer encouragement no matter what the result. You are far more likely to enjoy yourself and play better padel if you follow proper padel etiquette, are calm, relaxed, focused, and in a positive frame of mind.