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Real Racquet Academy Las Vegas is pleased to announce the launch of monthly league play.

League play details are below.

The competition commences on the 1st of each month, starting in May 2019, and operates for the month, then re-commences (with revised leagues) the following month.

Each league will contain five teams and each team will be required to play four opponent matches within that respective league.

At the end of the month, the top two teams from each league are promoted and the two bottom teams are relegated.

All matches are based on the best of 3 sets or a 90 minute duration. Scoring will be as follows:

  • Play match, +1 point.
  • Each set won, +3 points.
  • Failure to play a match without a valid reason, -2 points.

For example:
If you win a match 2 sets to 1, you receive 7 points (3 points for winning each set and 1 point for playing the match).
Your opponent would receive, 4 points (3 points for winning a set and 1 point for playing the match).
If you are unsure, give us your score and we will calculate your points.

If you wish to participate please find your partner and give your details to the front desk. Alternatively, we can find you a suitable team mate for you to partner with.

We are promoting Wednesday evening to be league night, but you are also welcome to organize your matches at any time during the month.

More details to follow soon. In the meantime, get registered, get training and get ready!


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