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Whether you are new to Padel, a regular player who wants to improve or a serious player who likes a challenge,
we have a game for you!


RRA Level system

1.0 This player has no experience and is just starting to play C
2.0 This player can keep a short rally at a law pace C
2.5 This player is consistent at a medium pace, however shots lack direction C
3.0 This player is building confidence with shots and is structuring points C
3.5 This player can control and pace. People with previous racquet skills generally fall into this level. B
4.0 This player has experience constructing padel points and is generally a consistent player. B
4.5 This player is resourceful; executing winners, and the ability to force errors. B
5.0 This player has experience competing at a tournament level. B
5.5 This player is regularly competing at a high tournament level. A
6.0 THis is a semi-professional player ranked outside the world's top-100 A
7.0 This is a professional player ranked inside the world's top-100 A


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