Real Racquet Academy




Real Racquet Academy was founded through a passion of playing Padel in Spain and wanting to bring the sport to a wider community. With over 50,000 courts in Europe, and very little played in other countries around the world, our aim is to increase awareness of the sport globally.

The aim of our academy is to bring the same passion we feel about Padel, to everyone else...
Game. Set. Match. Repeat.

Real Racquet Academy established the first Padel courts in Dubai in 2012 and since then, Padel has increased considerably throughout the UAE.

2018 sees our second ‘first' with RRA opening the first courts in Las Vegas.

  • Martin Sweeney

    Managing Director

  • Lisa Jenson

    General Manager

  • Toni Salord

    Business Development

  • Ally Belbes

    Club Manager, Dubai

  • Jimmy Gabany

    Club Manager, Las Vegas

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